Harmony & Creativity

Harmony & Creativity is an Adult Education and Coaching Center with a double but interconnected focus: we help people harness their (often untapped) creativity so they can achieve (a sometimes latent) harmony and vice versa.
Founded in 2015 at a time of intense global disruption, Harmony and Creativity is a trailblazing initiative that fulfils a growing demand for high-caliber lifelong learning and adroitly fostered personal development in a supportive, caring, and dynamic environment where adult professionals accomplish their educational and personal objectives under the expert guidance of seasoned educators and coaches. To meet the needs of our clients and students, we offer inspiring individual and group coaching sessions on hot-button themes such as success and happiness, parent-child conflicts, romantic relationships, and the mid-life crisis as well as superbly taught courses and seminars on the mastery and production of the English language (see our course catalogue for more detailed information). Our clients (or coachees) and students are ambitious professionals of all ages who seek to nurture their minds and attain personal growth so as to become prime leaders in their chosen fields and live a happy life harmonized with a positive frame of mind. A key tenet of our philosophy is that the customer is king. All of our students and coachees merit special treatment and deserve kudos for choosing us to develop their life skills and further their education. We are proud to serve each and every one of them, and we regard them as members of our ever-expanding family.
At the end of the day, they are the direct beneficiaries of all the outstanding features that render Harmony and Creativity the first-of-its-kind institute in Greece: its highly original concept, its state of the art facilities, its user-oriented approach and, above all else, its charismatic instructors that walk them step by step towards the fulfillment of their dreams.